Welcome to the RavenKin Photography live music portfolio. Here you will find a selection of my favourite live performance images taken since 2016. Selections are listed alphabetically by band name (or by solo artist's first name). 

While most of the bands in this portfolio are from Calgary or western Canada, you will find some exceptions to the rule (e.g., Diamond Head and ex-Kyuss vocalist John Garcia). I also photograph international touring bands and write show reviews on behalf of Metal Master Kingdom (check out a few of my shots of Ministry, Anthrax with Havok, and  Watain and Deströyer 666). 

If you see your band or an artist you represent in the photo grid below, I definitely have more great shots that I can upload to a private gallery for you, on request. 

If you don't see your band in the grid below, but have reason to believe that I might have photographed you at an event where you performed, feel free to ask me if I have images of your group. 

Interested in acquiring/licensing some of my images? Or perhaps you'd like to have me come out to shoot your next performance or photo session? Drop me a line and let's discuss your creative needs.

Thanks for looking... and to the bands featured in this portfolio, thank you also for providing me with so much inspiration!

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